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Narrowing Care Gaps for Early Language Delay
Background and Objective. Poverty is a risk factor for both language delay and failure to access appropriate therapies. The objective of this study was to increase the percentage of children 0 to 3Expand
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Audiology Assistants: Results of a Multicenter Survey.
BACKGROUND Although audiologists have been using support personnel for over 45 yr, controversy and variability continue with respect to the entry-level education, training methods, and scope ofExpand
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Family Impact of Pediatric Hearing Loss: Findings from Parent Interviews and a Parent Support Group
Parents experience numerous stressors tied to their child’s diagnosis as deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). This study sought to inquire about the lived experiences of parents with children who are DHHExpand
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Pediatric Audiology Productivity: Results From a Multicenter Survey.
Purpose This report focuses on audiology productivity measures and targets, impacting variables, and implementation of productivity in pediatric settings and "life span facilities" with a significantExpand
Stories From the Webcams: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Audiology Telehealth and Pediatric Auditory Device Services.
Purpose The purpose of this manuscript is to describe the regulatory, technological, and training considerations for audiologists investigating telehealth and to offer some examples of audiologyExpand
Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) as an adverse event following immunization (AEFI): Case definition & guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of immunization safety data.
This is a Brighton Collaboration case definition of the term "Sensorineural Hearing Loss" to be utilized in the evaluation of adverse events following immunization. The case definition was developedExpand