Wendy Simmonds

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BACKGROUND Rapid intraoperative parathyroid hormone (RI-PTH) assay is used to guide adequacy of resection during operation for hyperparathyroidism. We compared the RI-PTH assay (15 minutes) with a standard PTH assay, determined whether the PTH half-life varied between patients, and constructed a kinetic analysis of the RI-PTH data. METHODS Forty-five(More)
The importance of the bile acid structure on mucosal uptake and lymphatic absorption of cholesterol was investigated using four different taurine-conjugated bile acids. Pure synthetic conjugates of a trihydroxy bile acid, taurocholate, and three dihydroxy bile acids, tauroursodeoxycholate, taurochenodeoxycholate, and taurodeoxycholate were used to(More)
In 35 patients maintained solely on liquid formula diets, chromic oxide has been evaluated as an internal standard for balance studies that require stool collections. In 28 patients the excretion of chromic oxide was ideal: steady states were attained in which mean daily output was 90% (or more) of mean daily intake. In these patients corrections for fecal(More)
The absorption of cholesterol has been studied in man by perfusing the upper jejunum with a micellar solution of bile salt, 1-monoglyceride, and cholesterol-(14)C, with a triple lumen tube with collection sites 50 cm apart. The absorption of micellar components between the collection sites was calculated from their concentration changes relative to those of(More)
1. Two aspects of cholesterol absorption; (a) the importance of solubilization and (b) the effects of different bile salts on the mucosal metabolism and lymphatic output of cholesterol, have been investigated using two different in vivo techniques. 2. Bile diverted lymph fistula rats were infused intraduodenally at a steady rate with a constant lipid(More)
Lymph fistula rats with either biliary fistula or pancreaticobiliary fistula were used to measure coenzyme A-independent mucosal cholesterol esterifying activity in the presence and absence of pancreatic exocrine secretion. Efficiency of pancreatic diversion was verified to minimize contamination of mucosal homogenates with adherent luminal enzyme. The(More)
A luminal supply of biliary phosphatidylcholine is important in the translocation of absorbed fat into lymph and in the amount and composition of phosphatidylcholine concurrently synthesized. This study was undertaken to determine whether the effect was due to absorbed lysophosphatidylcholine, to a specific (1-palmitoyl) biliary lysophosphatidylcholine or(More)
A lipid mixture (monoolein, oleic acid-1-(14)C, and palmitic acid-9,10-(3)H) was infused intraduodenally at a steady rate for 8 hr in fasted, unanesthetized rats. The same dose of lipid was given together with pure conjugated bile salts either as an emulsion, 2.5 mM bile salts, or as a micellar solution, 10 mM bile salts. The emulsion contained very little(More)