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The Expanded Core Curriculum: Where we have been, Where we are Going, and how we Can Get There
Although teachers consider the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) critical for students’ success, they do not provide their students adequate instruction based on principles of the ECC. A minimum levelExpand
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Universal Design: Online Educational Media for Students with Disabilities
For students with disabilities, using the online educational media employed in most general education classrooms may be challenging, since much mainstream programming is not accessible. OnlineExpand
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MySchoolDayOnline: Applying Universal Design Principles to the Development of a Fully Accessible Online Scheduling Tool for Students with Visual Impairments
Technology provides access to information and resources for people who are visually impaired (that is, those who are blind or have low vision), but only if the technology is affordable, accessible,Expand
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Mathematical modeling of gas desorption from a metal–organic supercontainer cavity filled with stored N2 gas at critical limits
Metal–organic supercontainer (MOSC) molecules are ideal candidates for gas storage applications due to their construction with customizable ligands and tunable cavity and window sizes, which areExpand
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Charge Transfer Mechanism in Titanium-Doped Microporous Silica for Photocatalytic Water-Splitting Applications
Solar energy conversion into chemical form is possible using artificial means. One example of a highly-efficient fuel is solar energy used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. EfficientExpand
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Photoinduced Charge Transfer at Interfaces of Carbon Nanotube and Lead Selenide Nanowire
Photoinduced generation of excitons and their nonradiative relaxation dynamics are simulated at the interface of (10, 0) carbon nanotubes (CNT) and a PbSe nanowire (NW). Possible pathways ofExpand
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A Different Lens on Diversity and Inclusion: Creating Research Opportunities for Small Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Wendy Sapp, M. Leung
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  • 1 July 2018
Dr. Liu maintains a hopeful and enthusiastic attitude toward the ongoing research collaborations that resulted from the program. Expand
Properties and processes in porous materials