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The relevance of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) inducing early inflammatory reactions in the liver after hemorrhagic shock, for example, leukocyte adhesion, has been well described. This study evaluated the anti-inflammatory effects of a monoclonal antibody against TNF-α (TN3.19.12) in terms of the time of application, namely, prior to shock induction, at(More)
Sulmazole (I) 2-[2-methoxy-4-(methylsulfinyl)phenyl]-1H-imidazo[ 4,5-b]pyridine, a new positive inotropic agent, is based on a pyridoimidazole nucleus. Sulmazole pharmacokinetics were monitored in plasma and urine by a specific, sensitive reverse-phase fully automated HPLC system with fluorimetric detection. The hydroxylated metabolite, III, was also(More)
West Nile Virus (WNV) is a mosquito-transmitted flavivirus, widely distributed throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East. WNV may cause epidemics of human meningoencephalitis. The unexpected emergence of WNV (New York, 1999) and its rapid spread throughout North America during the following years caused a number of blood transfusion- and organ(More)
The potential effect of ethanol to accelerate drug release from sustained release (SR) oral formulations is a general concern. Marketed Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker, mainly used as antihypertensive and anti-anginal drug and available in various dose and dosage forms. One is Verapamil Meltrex, combining an innovative and unique SR formulation and(More)
Analyzing three waves of data from the Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey, this article explores the process of language assimilation among second-generation Latinos. Although previous studies have focused on the shift from mother tongue to English across immigrant generations, few have examined change in language proficiency over time within the(More)
Portfolios are constructed to increase returns and manage risk. In high-risk investment strategies, central measures of risk must be complemented with tail measures of risk. An unanticipated event impacting securities of one firm can contagiously affect those of other firms through a contagion flow process. The connections between firms due to a variety of(More)
1. In human erythrocytes the 2.3 DPG concentration was increased three to fourfold of the norm as IPP re-suspension by an incubation time of four hours at 37 degrees C or as ACD-AG blood was lowered below 20% of the norm respectively. After an autologous transfusion the 24 hours' surviving rate and the apparent half survival time of cells as well as the(More)