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Acute, isolated loops of proximal and distal jejunum of weanling swine were exposed to either heat stable porcine Escherichia coli enterotoxin, heat labile porcine Escherichia coli enterotoxin, cholera toxin or theophylline. Unidirectional sodium fluxes in response to heat stable in the proximal jejunum were dependent on the length of time that the(More)
The effect of cholera toxin, heat labile and heat stable Escherichia coli enterotoxin on mucosal cyclic AMP concentrations was determined on the proximal jejunum of weanling pigs and young rabbits. Ligated loops were injected with solutions containing no enterotoxin for control and either cholera toxin, heat labile or heat stable E. coli enterotoxin. The(More)
Glucose, l-alanine, l-aspartate, l-methionine and glycine enhanced net fluid and electrolyte absorption in acute isolated loops of the proximal jejunum of weanling swine. The effect of glucose on intestinal secretion induced by heat stable and heat labile Escherichia coli entero-toxin, cholera toxin and theophylline was examined in both the proximal and(More)
Electrolyte concentrations, osmolality and pH were determined in conventionally raised weanling swine fed a liquid diet. Incorporation of a dilution marker into the diet in combination with frequent feeding enabled estimations as to the sites of relative fluid and electrolyte absorption and secretion along the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike many other(More)
The permeability of weanling swine small intestine was estimated using measurements of filtration coefficients and equivalent pore size. Hypertonic solutions of mannitol, erythritol and urea were used to calculate reflection coefficients in the duodenum, mid jejunum and distal jejunum. Estimated effective pore radius was 6.4-7.4, 5.6-7.2 and 4.7-4.9A(More)
Twenty-one commercially available phenyl type RPLC packing materials have been characterized in terms of their surface coverage, hydrophobic selectivity, shape selectivity, hydrogen bonding capacity, ion exchange capacity at pH 2.7 and 7.6 and aromatic selectivity (i.e. pi-pi interaction). The phases have been compared to their corresponding C-alkyl phases,(More)
The effect of heat stable and heat labile Escherichia coli enterotoxins or cholera toxin in combination with theophylline on net water, sodium and chloride and unidirectional sodium and chloride fluxes was examined in acute isolated loops of jejunum of weanling swine. The effect of heat stable enterotoxin in combination with theophylline was determined in(More)