Wendy Reeves

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OBJECTIVE To define the fine specificity of the 10 reference sera used for determination of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) and ANA subsets which are available from the Arthritis Foundation (AF) and from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). METHODS AF/CDC sera were assessed by experienced laboratory staff, using indirect immunofluorescence(More)
BACKGROUND It is presently well accepted that the breast exhibits a circadian rhythm reflective of its physiology. There is increasing evidence that rhythms associated with malignant cells proliferation are largely non-circadian. Cancer development appears to generate its own thermal signatures and the complexity of these signatures may be a reflection of(More)
Transpiration from a wellwatered sudangrass stand in a highly evaporative environment (Tempe, Arizona, in July) can be considerably increased by exposing a small plot of about I square meter to radiative and convective heat input. Thus, the transpiration of sudangrass in a full stand appears not to be determined by any physiological factor during any time(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the role of vaginal mesh hysteropexy in the management of advanced genital organ prolapse as assessed by subjective and objective parameters. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case series of 77 women followed for at least 1 year after vaginal mesh hysteropexy performed for stage III or greater uterovaginal prolapse. The primary outcome was(More)
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