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OBJECTIVE The psychosocial functioning of overweight youth is a growing concern. Research has shown that overweight children report lower quality of life (QOL) than their non-overweight peers. This study sought to extend the literature by examining the association between peer victimization, child depressive symptoms, parent distress, and health-related QOL(More)
Several years ago one of us (A. J. G.) observed that lactic dehydrogenase is inhibited by oxamate, the salt of the halfamide of oxalic acid, and found that this inhibition is essentially competitive with respect to pyruvate (1). Since that time oxamate has been studied as a potential inhibitor of glycolysis in tumors (2, 3) but extension of the kinetic(More)
The soluble catalytic domain of NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase was radiolabeled with [14C]N-ethylmaleimide. Reaction for a limited time resulted in incorporation of 0.41 eq of N-ethylmaleimide and loss of 36% of the enzyme activity. Chromatography on a 5'-ADP affinity column separated the reductase which was modified with N-ethylmaleimide from the unreacted(More)
The Diabetes Family Behavior Checklist (DFBC) assesses supportive and non-supportive parental behavior specific to diabetes management via parent and child reports. The DFBC was administered to 133 children with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and their caregivers. Subsequent analysis verified the two-factor structure of the DFBC corresponding to positive and(More)
Lysine residues outside of the NADH-binding site in the soluble catalytic fragment of cytochrome b5 reductase were modified with ethyl acetimidate and acetic anhydride while the binding site was protected by formation of the stable oxidized nucleotide-reduced flavoprotein complex. This treatment had a minimal effect on enzyme activity; the turnover number(More)