Wendy Norris

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The primary function of premedication today is to allay anxiety. Thus the methods used clinically to assess premedicant drugs should be capable of measuring the degree of sedation produced. Subjective assessment alone is liable to error and difficult to quantify. Objective signs of anxiety and sleep have been described and used by others to measure these(More)
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is crucial for successful pregnancy. Its many functions include angiogenesis and immune regulation. Despite years of research, the etiology of preeclampsia remains unknown. Marked by insufficient trophoblast invasion and poor spiral artery remodeling, preeclampsia has also been linked to immune dysregulation. Here we(More)
It is now widely accepted that one of the principal functions of premedication is the relief of anxiety in the pre-operative period. This being so, the main problem in quantifying the effects of premedication is the measurement of pre-operative anxiety or the extent to which this has been allayed by premedicant drugs. The measurement of anxiety is a subject(More)