Wendy Nicholls

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The present study concerns the content of MySpace blogs and whether it differs from the blog style found on sites specifically designed for blogging. A content analysis of MySpace blogs was conducted to investigate trends in purpose, format, and style and to compare these across sex and age categories. Most blogs were written in a positive tone, and the(More)
There is evidence for cultural variation in the foods that may be craved. We have designed and tested, in a sample of 234 participants, a UK-specific version of the Food Craving Inventory. A four-factor structure comprising of sweet foods, fast foods, high fat, and complex carbohydrates was extracted. The final scale was analogous with the original US(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this works is to report the results of a systematic review to evaluate the role of attachment in adjustment to cancer for patients and those close to them. METHODS A systematic search of electronic databases was undertaken, identifying literature published up to June 2013. PsychINFO, Medline and the Cumulative Index to Nursing &(More)
Results of the California Disability Survey indicate that telephone interviewing is well suited for undertaking disability studies that provide (1) estimates of subgroups of the disabled population, including those that are statistically rare: (2) information on current and anticipated areas of policy concern; and (3) information for geographic areas(More)
There is utility in understanding the antecedents of binge eating (BE), with a view to explaining poorer weight loss treatment responses in this subgroup. A systematic review was completed according to Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) guidelines with the aim of exploring associations between emotions and eating(More)
BACKGROUND Nurses acting in primary care roles are central in addressing obesity as a public health priority. Nurses with a lower Body Mass Index have been shown to have negative attitudes towards obesity. Additionally, where the patient is perceived as being responsible for their excess weight, a negative attitude may also be held. The extent to which(More)
This study examines the experiences of women using drugs in weight management. Whilst some of the commonly used substances have been deemed to be safe, most, if not all, still have potentially dangerous side effects for the individual. Five women spoke of their experiences of using drugs in weight management through semi-structured interviews. These were(More)
Food cravings are a common barrier to losing weight. This article presents a randomised comparison of non-expert group-delivered ultra-brief defusion and acceptance interventions against a distraction control. A total of 63 participants were asked to carry a bag of chocolates for a week while trying to resist the temptation to eat them. A behavioural(More)