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We report a case of a young man with acute right ventricular failure immediately after an orthotopic heart transplantation. The clinical presentation suggested acute reactive pulmonary hypertension. Hemodynamic and angiographic data proved it to be an inadvertent pulmonary artery torsion. The clinical hemodynamic and angiographic characteristics of this(More)
Echoics are a critical target of language intervention for children with autism, because a well-established echoic repertoire on the part of the child allows the clinician to use vocal modeling as a flexible, low-effort prompting procedure during teaching. In this study, we implemented a chaining procedure to increase the complexity of echoics in 2 children(More)
The electrocardiographic diagnosis of posterior wall myocardial infarction remains elusive. To determine discriminating criteria a group of 27 patients with posterior infarction proven by biplane angiocardiography were compared to 97 controls. All patients had single-vessel obstruction of the circumflex artery or one of its major branches (greater than or(More)
We describe a patient who, during an episode of acute cardiac rejection, developed such severe systolic dysfunction that there was transient near-adynamic function of the right ventricle. This right ventricular dysfunction was reflected hemodynamically by the unusual finding of atrialization of right ventricular pressures. The patient's cardiac function(More)
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