Wendy M Guyker

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BACKGROUND An increasing amount of attention has been paid to treatment resistant depression. Although it is quite common to observe nonremission to not just one but consecutive antidepressant treatments during a major depressive episode, a relationship between the likelihood of achieving remission and one's degree of resistance is not clearly known at this(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a disorder that causes disability, with a profound adverse impact on all areas of psychosocial functioning. This is particularly true for those with treatment resistant depression (TRD). However, to date, no systematic assessments of psychosocial functioning for patients with TRD have been conducted. METHODS In the present study,(More)
Few studies have measured combat exposure during deployment to a war zone. Valid, reliable, and specific measurement is needed to broaden existing knowledge of combat experiences to accurately answer clinically important questions regarding postcombat treatment and recovery, particularly with the recognition of new kinds of combat and resulting(More)
BACKGROUND Research studies have focused attention on the importance of the comorbidity of personality disorders and depression. METHODS The present review examines seven potential explanations for the overlap to clarify the nature of the relationship, if any, between depression and personality disorder diagnoses. RESULTS There may be many explanations(More)
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