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For a ringed space (X, O), we show that the deformations of the abelian category Mod(O) of sheaves of O-modules [11] are obtained from al-gebroid prestacks, as introduced by Kontsevich. In case X is a quasi-compact separated scheme the same is true for Qch(O), the category of quasi-coherent sheaves on X. It follows in particular that there is a deformation(More)
In this paper we develop the basic infinitesimal deformation theory of abelian categories. This theory yields a natural generalization of the well-known deformation theory of algebras developed by Gerstenhaber. As part of our deformation theory we define a notion of flatness for abelian categories. We show that various basic properties are preserved under(More)
Since curved dg algebras, and modules over them, have differentials whose square is not zero, these objects have no cohomology, and there is no classical derived category. For different purposes, different notions of " derived " categories have been introduced in the literature. In this note, we show that for some concrete curved dg algebras, these derived(More)