Wendy L Whittle

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Transformation of uterine spiral arteries is critical for healthy human pregnancy. We recently proposed a role for maternal leukocytes in decidual spiral artery remodeling and suggested that matrix metalloprotease (MMP) activity contributed to the destruction of the arterial wall. In the current study we used our first trimester placental-decidual(More)
The human endometrium is a unique tissue that undergoes dramatic monthly remodeling during the menstrual cycle in preparation for an implanting conceptus. This remodeling involves sequential proliferation and differentiation of endometrial stromal and epithelial cells, coupled with extensive angiogenesis and infiltration of a specific specialized immune(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) in the presence of a cerclage is associated with an increased incidence of intrauterine infection and/or adverse neonatal outcome compared to PPROM in the absence of cerclage. STUDY DESIGN Patients diagnosed with PPROM with a cerclage (cases) between 24-34 weeks were matched(More)
Increased uterine contractility at term and preterm results first from activation and then stimulation of the myometrium. Activation can be provoked by mechanical stretch of the uterus, and by an endocrine pathway resulting from increased activity of the fetal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. In sheep fetuses, increased cortisol output during pregnancy(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the average gestational age at birth and to compare obstetrical and neonatal outcomes of triplet births conceived spontaneously versus via assisted reproductive technology (ART). METHODS A retrospective chart review of triplet pregnancies that resulted in three live babies was conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto, Canada) from(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to assess the accuracy of ultrasound anatomy screening before 17 weeks gestation in a population at high risk of fetal anomalies. METHODS Retrospective review of anatomy ultrasound examinations carried out between 12-17 weeks gestation in a high-risk population. Early sonographic findings were compared with the 18-22 week(More)
OBJECTIVE The Canadian Perinatal Network (CPN) maintains an ongoing national database focused on threatened very preterm birth. The objective of the network is to facilitate between-hospital comparisons and other research that will lead to reductions in the burden of illness associated with very preterm birth. METHODS Women were included in the database(More)
BACKGROUND A multitude of studies suggest an association between periodontal disease and adverse birth outcomes, but the findings have been equivocal. Although the evidence is controversial, it is biologically plausible, and the key link may be inflammation. Because periodontitis is at times either active or inactive, trying to correlate the presence of(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to review the surgical technique, complication rate and obstetric outcome associated with the laparoscopic approach to the placement of the cervico-isthmic cerclage. STUDY DESIGN A prospective cohort study was conducted from 2003-2008 and compared with previously reported cases of cervico-isthmic cerclage by(More)