Wendy L. Atkinson

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BACKGROUND Patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) often feel they have some form of dietary intolerance and frequently try exclusion diets. Tests attempting to predict food sensitivity in IBS have been disappointing but none has utilised IgG antibodies. AIMS To assess the therapeutic potential of dietary elimination based on the presence of IgG(More)
The protective efficacy of oral B subunit killed whole-cell (BS-WC) and killed whole-cell (WC) cholera vaccines was assessed in 63 498 Bangladeshi children aged 2-15 years and women aged over 15 years. Each received three doses of BS-WC, WC, or placebo in a randomised, double-blinded fashion. Surveillance for cases seeking medical care up to six months(More)
BACKGROUND Betaine is a major osmolyte, also important in methyl group metabolism. Concentrations of betaine, its metabolite dimethylglycine and analog trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) in blood are cardiovascular risk markers. Diabetes disturbs betaine: does diabetes alter associations between betaine-related measures and cardiovascular risk? METHODS Plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Low plasma betaine has been associated with unfavorable plasma lipid profiles and cardiovascular risk. In some studies raised plasma betaine after supplementation is associated with elevations in plasma lipids. We aimed to measure the relationships between plasma and urine betaine and plasma lipids, and the effects of lipid-lowering drugs on(More)
BACKGROUND Betaine insufficiency is associated with unfavourable vascular risk profiles in metabolic syndrome patients. We investigated associations between betaine insufficiency and secondary events in acute coronary syndrome patients. METHODS Plasma (531) and urine (415) samples were collected four months after discharge following an acute coronary(More)
BACKGROUND Women born in the United States after measles vaccine licensure in 1963 transfer less measles antibody to their infants than do older women. This may result in increased susceptibility to measles among infants. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of maternal year of birth on the risk for measles in infants. METHODS We enrolled 128 unvaccinated(More)
An alternative hypothesis has been proposed implicating chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) as a potential cause of multiple sclerosis (MS). We aimed to evaluate the validity of this hypothesis in a controlled animal model. Animal experiments were approved by the institutional animal care committee. The jugular veins in SJL mice were ligated(More)
BACKGROUND Urinary betaine excretion positively correlated with plasma homocysteine in outpatients attending a lipid disorders clinic (lipid clinic study). We aimed to confirm this in subjects with established vascular disease. METHODS The correlation between betaine excretion and homocysteine was compared in samples collected from subjects 4 months after(More)
Abstract Evidence suggests that sigmoid-colonic motility is increased in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) plays a role in the control of motility, but its involvement in the dysmotility seen in IBS remains unclear. To investigate the relationship between platelet depleted plasma 5-HT (PDP 5-HT) concentration and(More)
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