Wendy Faust

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The experimental observation of the actual thermo-mechanical weak points in microelectronics packages remains a big challenge. Recently, a stress sensing system has been developed by the publicly funded project that allows measuring the magnitudes and the distribution of the stresses induced in the silicon dies by thermo-mechanical loads. The paper reports(More)
In ionic crystals of the form M(+)X(-), certain covalently bonded anion groups X(-) are particularly associated with instability. The heavier metal cations M(+) enhance this. Very sensitive explosives occur within the extended azide family, where X(-) = CNO(-), N(3)(-), NCO(-), or NCS(-) (an isoelectronic set of unsaturated linear triatomic anions). Another(More)
A combined numerical-testing methodology for the evaluation of thermo-mechanical fatigue of small volumes of shear-loaded electronic materials has been developed. Small lap-shear specimens with slightly different thermal expansion are mounted in a loading frame, suffering shear loading of the joint material when subjected to thermal loads. In-situ(More)
The individual differences in imagination ability in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were tested in a sample of 14 children with ASD and 14 matched typically developing (TD) children. Analysis was conducted on the extent of imagination in symbolic pretend play and impossible entity drawings. Aside from difficulties with imagination, children(More)