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This report describes the antemortem diagnosis and antemortem and postmortem findings of superficial necrolytic dermatitis with hepatopathy (i.e., hepatocutaneous syndrome) in a cat. A 5-year-old Maine coon was evaluated because of a history of pruritic alopecia and liver enzyme elevations. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed a reticular pattern to the(More)
A 25-year-old woman developed bilateral lower abdominal and pleuritic chest pain radiating to the shoulders 30 min after oral-genital insufflation and conventional coitus. Radiographic evaluation demonstrated a pneumoperitoneum. This was attributed to a traumatic 5-mm rent in the vaginal cuff occurring six months after post-vaginal hysterectomy. Mild(More)
Ruminal ciliates have been grown in continuous culture in chemically defined media and in the absence of viable bacteria. Oligotrichic ruminal ciliates seem to require insoluble carbohydrates for growth; the holotrichic ciliates require soluble carbohydrates, but at low concentrations. Both groups of ciliates utilize amino acids as their principal nitrogen(More)
5jXhr. Knaben im Anschlug an eine suprakondyl~ire Fraktur. -b) Hormonbehandlung der Retentio testis. Bei einem 6j/ihr. Knaben, dessen rechter Hoden im Baueh, dessen linker am Anfang des Leistenkanals retiniert war, konnte naeh 8 Injektionen yon Pregnyl in einw6chentlichen Zwischenr~umen erzielt werden, dab der rechte bis zum tiefsten Punkt der(More)
-This paper reviews br ief ly the theoretical understanding and properties of optical resonators. Starting from the theory of stable laser resonators, unstable resonators are discussed with emphasis on understanding the i r properties tha t ensure near diffraction limited performance of higb power lasers. The growing f i e ld of adaptive optics for laser(More)
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