Wendy Charles Ko

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PURPOSE To determine the distribution of WD repeat domain 36 (WDR36) sequence variants in Chinese patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG). METHODS One hundred and thirty-five unrelated POAG patients (82 high tension glaucoma [HTG], 42 normal tension glaucoma [NTG], and 11 juvenile-onset POAG [JOAG] patients) and 77 unrelated controls were(More)
PURPOSE We recently identified a novel glaucoma locus on 5q22.1-q32, designated as GLC1M, in a family from the Philippines with autosomal dominant juvenile-onset primary open angle glaucoma (JOAG). No mutations in myocilin (MYOC), optineurin (OPTN), and WD-repeat protein 36 (WDR36) were found. Neuregulin 2 (NRG2) is an excellent potential functional as well(More)
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