Wendy Brown

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  • Judith Butler, Wendy Brown, William Connolly, David Palumbo-Liu, Kaja Silverman, Anne Norton +2 others
  • 2011
Acknowledgments This work was generously sponsored by a Humanities Research Fellowship from the University of California at Berke-ley. I am grateful to those friends and colleagues who gave incisive readings of some of the chapters: as well as the students who participated in "Social Subjects / Psychic States" at Berkeley. I thank Adam Phillips for his(More)
  • Glenda Kaufman Kantor, Melissa K Holt, Carolyn J Mebert, Murray A Straus, Kerry M Drach, Lawrence R Ricci +2 others
  • 2004
This article describes the development and psychometric properties of the Multidimensional Neglectful Behavior Scale-Child Report (MNBS-CR). The measure is broadly conceptualized to tap child neglect across four core domains: cognitive, emotional, physical and supervisory neglect, and it assesses exposure to violence, alcohol-related neglect, abandonment,(More)
BACKGROUND The European pedometer-based "10,000 Steps Ghent" whole community intervention for 228,000 residents was found to be effective in increasing step counts by an average of 896 steps/day in a sub-sample of adults. The present study aimed to examine the characteristics of intervention participants (n = 438) who (1) used a pedometer and (2) increased(More)
BACKGROUND Estimates of the absolute risk of death based on the combined effects of sex, age and health behaviours are scarce for elderly people. The aim of this paper is to calculate population based estimates and display them using simple charts that may be useful communication tools for public health authorities, health care providers and policy makers.(More)
The current study was designed to confirm that female drivers sit closer to the steering wheel than do male drivers and to investigate whether this expected difference in sitting position is attributable to differences in the physical dimensions of men and women. Driver body dimensions and multiple measures of sitting distance from the steering wheel were(More)
CAPriCORN, the Chicago Area Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network, is one of the eleven PCORI-funded Clinical Data Research Networks. A collaboration of six academic medical centers, a Chicago public hospital, two VA hospitals and a network of federally qualified health centers, CAPriCORN addresses the needs of a diverse community and overlapping(More)
INTRODUCTION There is debate as to whether physical activity counteracts the adverse effect of weight on health outcomes. We investigated how physical activity modifies the effect of body mass index (BMI) on hypertension risk. METHODS BMI, physical activity, and hypertension were measured at baseline and at three-year interval for 14 years (from 1996 to(More)
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