Wendy Bishop

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The first weather satellite was launched on 1 April 1960. In the 25 years since, weather satellites have contributed to improved weather analyses and forecasts worldwide. As a maturing component of a global observing system, the meteorological satellite promises even greater financial benefits and a higher quality of life to mankind.
OBJECTIVE Through colonoscopy, polyps can be identified and removed to reduce colorectal cancer incidence and mortality. Appropriate use of surveillance colonoscopy, post polypectomy, is a focus of healthcare reform. MATERIALS AND METHODS The authors developed and implemented the first electronic medical record-based colonoscopy reporting system (CoRS)(More)
Assess whether receipt of tailored printouts generated by the Cancer Risk Intake System (CRIS) - a touch-screen computer program that collects data from patients and generates printouts for patients and physicians - results in more reported patient-provider discussions about colorectal cancer (CRC) risk and screening than receipt of non-tailored(More)
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