Wendong Wang

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VANETs allowing the mobile vehicles exchange data with the roadside gateways are being used in various applications such as local electronic advertisement, intelligent transportation system and urban data collection. In this paper, we study the problem of deploying the gateways to provide the desired communication performance while minimizing the deployment(More)
Dynamic self-assembled material systems constantly consume energy to maintain their spatiotemporal structures and functions. Programmable self-assembly translates information from individual parts to the collective whole. Combining dynamic and programmable self-assembly in a single platform opens up the possibilities to investigate both types of(More)
In this paper, we introduce an L-system based on the fractal geometry to study complex fracture networks. Comparing with other simulation models, the fractal fracture could not only maintain the bifurcation of the fracture geometry but also represent the multi-level feature of the complex fracture networks according to its fractal characteristics. Since the(More)
Stimulated reservoir volume (SRV) fracturing in tight oil reservoirs often induces complex fracture-network growth, which has a fundamentally different formation mechanism from traditional planar bi-winged fracturing. To reveal the mechanism of fracture network propagation, this paper employs a modified displacement discontinuity method (DDM), mechanical(More)
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