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Alpha-Ni(OH)(2) nanobelts, nanowires, short nanowires, and beta-Ni(OH)(2) nanoplates have been successfully prepared in high yields and purities by a convenient hydrothermal method under mild conditions from very simple systems composed only of NaOH, NiSO(4), and water. It has been found that the ratio of NaOH to NiSO(4) not only affects the morphology of(More)
A facile synthetic route under mild conditions to the preparation of gold nanostars (GNSs) with Fe3O4 cores (Fe3O4@GNSs), possessing magnetization and tunable optical properties from the visible to near-infrared (NIR) region, was developed. Additionally, the resulting Fe3O4@GNSs described here show good catalytic activity for the reduction of potassium(More)
A cuprous oxide (Cu2O) film with a novel porous structure is successfully synthesized on Cu foil by using a simple hydrothermal method. A redox reaction occurs between Cu and Cu(2+) in aqueous solution to form the Cu2O film. The porous structures are formed as a result of the Ostwald ripening mechanism. In addition, photoluminescence measurements indicate(More)
Tungsten-promoted zirconia (WO(3)/ZrO(2)) nanoparticles were synthesized in reverse micelles of water/sodium bis(2-ethylexyl) sulfosuccinate/isooctane, which were compared with WO(3)/ZrO(2) prepared by incipient wetness impregnation and sol-gel method. The control of particle size was achieved by varying the process variables, such as water-to-surfactant(More)
There are many advantages in the Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Dual-Active-Bridge (IBDC-DAB) such as zero voltage switch, good power system reliability and high power density. This circuit topology has been used in the power grid, electric motor, etc. This paper present the numerical and simulation modeling and analysis to the IBDC-DAB. Four(More)
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