Wendeng Wang

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A Bi-based oxychloride Bi(3)O(4)Cl with a layered structure as a novel efficient photocatalyst was studied in the present paper. The compound synthesized by a solid-state reaction method has a band gap of 2.79 eV. The material possesses a fair visible-light-induced photocatalytic activity. Generally, the photocatalytic efficiency of Bi(3)O(4)Cl for(More)
Well-crystallized MSb(2)O(6) (M = Ca, Sr and Ba) powders synthesized by solid state reactions exhibit an interesting photocatalytic activity order of Ba > Sr > Ca for organic pollutant (methylene blue and phenol) degradation and hydrogen production from water under UV light irradiation. A simple model, crystal packing factor (PF), was introduced to account(More)
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