Wendell Walters

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  • W H Walters
  • Papers in regional science : the journal of the…
  • 1994
"This study investigates the impact of climate on [U.S.] metropolitan elderly migration rates. Factor analysis is used to identify six factors within a set of forty climatic variables. These six factors, along with eleven nonclimatic variables, are used to predict elderly in- and outmigration rates. Metropolitan areas with mild winters and low average(More)
This report describes the use of factor analysis in creating five climate indices from a set of 37 original variables. These variables represent all the major components of near-surface climate variation within the US. Data for 216 first-order weather stations were taken from the Local Climatological Data series of the National Oceanic and Atmosphere(More)
Historical discourses about the Caribbean often chronicle West African and European influence to the general neglect of indigenous people's contributions to the contemporary region. Consequently, demographic histories of Caribbean people prior to and after European contact are not well understood. Although archeological evidence suggests that the Lesser(More)
As part of the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project, an unsteady flow hydraulic model, modified to include radionuclide decay, was used to simulate the transport of radionuclides released to the Columbia River from Hanford. The model was applied to the river from Priest Rapids Dam to the vicinity of Portland, Oregon, for the period from January(More)
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