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BACKGROUND Acetylation of histone H3 lysine 56 (K56Ac) occurs transiently in newly synthesized H3 during passage through S phase and is removed in G2. However, the physiologic roles and effectors of K56Ac turnover are unknown. RESULTS The sirtuins Hst3p and, to a lesser extent, Hst4p maintain low levels of K56Ac outside of S phase. In hst3 hst4 mutants,(More)
Immunodominance is defined as restricted responsiveness of T cells to a few selected epitopes from complex antigens. Strategies currently used for elucidating CD4 + T cell epitopes are inadequate. To understand the mechanism of epitope selection for helper T cells, we established a cell-free antigen processing system composed of defined proteins: MHC class(More)
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