Wendell Johnson

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R. Dimitrova, N. Lurponglukana, H. J. S. Fernando, G. C. Runger, P. Hyde, B. C. Hedquist, J. Anderson, W. Bannister, and W. Johnson Department of Civil Engineering & Geological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA Center for Health Information and Research, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA School for Engineering of Matter,(More)
Statistically significant correlations between increase of asthma attacks in children and elevated concentrations of particulate matter of diameter 10 microns and less (PM10) were determined for metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. Interpolated concentrations from a five-site network provided spatial distribution of PM10 that was mapped onto census tracts with(More)
Readers who have paid attention so far will recognize at once that they themselves are frequently their own favorite speakers. “I would rather hear myself talk than listen to you,” says one disreputable character to another in a recent cartoon. “You are very uninteresting.”
The demographic, risk-taking, psychological, and social network characteristics of HIV+ patients receiving and not receiving antiretroviral therapy were compared to those characteristics in HIV+ and HIV- persons who are not in care. In this cohort study, we enrolled patients from the Grady Infectious Disease Program (IDP) Clinic in Atlanta, GA, defining(More)
book written especially for the classroom teacher who is interested in doing something for the speech handicapped child is Speech Handicapped School Children, by Wendell Johnson and Others. Chapters are devoted to each of the usual speech disorders such as lisping, stuttering, nasality; and causes and contributing factors are included. Such treatment for(More)
Whole nerve action potentia Is were recorded from the round window of a single cat in an effort to obtain responses from the apical region of the cochlea. A 500-Hz signal was either 2 or 10 msec in duration, and was either presented at a low or high intensity. A high-pass masking noise, with cut-offfrequencies of 1000, 3000, and 6000 Hz, was used in an(More)
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