Wendell A. Fleming

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Two patients on prolonged steroid therapy developed meningitis due to Cryptococcus neoformans. The first responded satisfactorily to treatment with amphotericin B, both initially and again following relapse. The second died shortly after treatment was begun. Pathogenicity studies suggest that the strain isolated from the fatal case was the more virulent.(More)
Peroxisomes are organelles that catabolize fatty acids and compartmentalize other oxidative metabolic processes in eukaryotes. Using a forward-genetic screen designed to recover severe peroxisome-defective mutants, we isolated a viable allele of the peroxisome biogenesis gene PEX13 with striking peroxisomal defects. The pex13-4 mutant requires an exogenous(More)
Addition of low concentrations (10 ng/ml) of saponin or Tween 80 to stimulated cultures of normal mouse bone marrow in agar increased the number of granulocyte-macrophage colonies which developed. Addition of cyclic AMP or dibutyryl cyclic AMP in low concentration (10(-8) to 10(-10) M) also enhanced colony numbers although concentrations above 10(-5) M were(More)
Most eukaryotic cells require peroxisomes, organelles housing fatty acid β-oxidation and other critical metabolic reactions. Peroxisomal matrix proteins carry peroxisome-targeting signals that are recognized by one of two receptors, PEX5 or PEX7, in the cytosol. After delivering the matrix proteins to the organelle, these receptors are removed from the(More)