Wendell A. Fleming

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Peroxisomes are organelles that catabolize fatty acids and compartmentalize other oxidative metabolic processes in eukaryotes. Using a forward-genetic screen designed to recover severe peroxisome-defective mutants, we isolated a viable allele of the peroxisome biogenesis gene PEX13 with striking peroxisomal defects. The pex13-4 mutant requires an exogenous(More)
THIS is the second retrospective survey of the work of the Mycological Diagnostic Service since its establishment in 1959. Its purpose is to review the isolation of dermatophytes (ringworm fungi) of both human (anthropophilic) and animal (zoophilic) origin in Northern Ireland over the period 1967 to 1973, and to compare the findings with previous reports(More)
IMMUNOLOGICAL and epidemiological investigations have suggested that the multiple sclerosis (MS) reaction results from an abnormal response to a common childhood infection in individuals with a predisposing genetic con-stiution governed by the major histocompatibilitiy complex. Much effort has gone into the quest for specific infectious agents. Serological(More)
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