Wendelin Reich

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  • Wendelin Reich
  • AAAI Spring Symposium: Help Me Help You: Bridging…
  • 2011
According to a well-known statement by Donald Knuth, “Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do.” If we use Knuth’s criterion, we must probably conclude that contemporary investigations of the ‘context’ of a social activity – as offered in fields such as linguistic pragmatics and social psychology – are(More)
Verbal interaction among humans is a dazzlingly complex process, requiring integration of a number of cognitive competences like the faculty of language, semantic memory, scene understanding, Theory of Mind, interactional alignment, cultural knowledge, and more (Levinson 2006). Most researchers in the fields of computational linguistics and human-robot(More)
Reich, Wendelin, 2003. Dialogue and Shared Knowledge: How Verbal Interaction Renders Mental States Socially Observable. 176pp. Uppsala. ISBN 91-506-1682-X This dissertation presents a new theoretical solution to the sociological question of the extent to which and by what means individuals "observe" or infer mental states of other individuals, thereby(More)
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