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Administration of gangliosides has been reported to stimulate regeneration of motoneurons and of central dopaminergic and cholinergic neurons. To shed light on the mechanism by which gangliosides mediate the effects on cholinergic neurons, we studied their actions on cultures of cells dissociated from the septal area of fetal rat brains. These cultures(More)
UNLABELLED Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored plasma membrane (GPI) proteins, such as Gce1, the dually acylated nonreceptor tyrosine kinases (NRTKs), such as pp59(Lyn), and the membrane protein, caveolin, together with cholesterol are typical components of detergent/carbonate-insoluble glycolipid-enriched raft domains (DIGs) in the plasma membrane of(More)
[3H]205-501, a noncatechol dopaminergic agonist, is presented as a ligand with high affinity (KD approximately 1 nM) and high selectivity for dopamine receptors. pKi values of dopaminergic agonists derived from competition isotherms in the [3H]205-501 binding assay correlate very well with their potency in the acetylcholine release assay, which is(More)
The central dopaminergic effects of an abeorphine derivative 201-678 were compared to those of apomorphine and bromocriptine in different model systems. After oral administration, this compound induced contralateral turning in rats with 6-hydroxydopamine induced nigral lesions and exhibited strong anti-akinetic properties in rats with 6-hydroxydopamine(More)
[3H]Quinuclidinylbenzilate (QNB) was used to identify muscarinic cholinergic receptors on intact, cultured neurons from fetal rat brains. Scatchard analysis revealed a single binding site with a dissociation constant Kd = approximately or equal to 170 pM. The rank order of potency of cholinergic drugs to displace [3H]QNB from intact neurons was similar to(More)
Acute administration of MPTP (a synthetic heroin substitute) at 10-30 mg/kg (s.c.) produced 'Straub tail' phenomena, piloerection and reduced pelvis elevation in rats. The same dose decreased the concentrations of dopamine metabolites and reduced the rate of dopamine synthesis in the striatum. MPTP also reduced the metabolism of serotonin but accelerated(More)
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