Wendelien Van Eerde

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Some time away from a problem, or incubation time, is found to be beneficial to creative problem solving. But are interruptions as equally helpful as breaks? An experiment was conducted to gain more insight into the differences between imposed and selfinitiated breaks, and their effects on creativity, specifically on impasses and insights. There were three(More)
It's about time we align: meeting deadlines in project teams / by Josette M.P. Gevers. Acknowledgements Finally, this project is finished. It has taken me quite a while and I would not dare say that I met the deadline, but it has been a great experience, very educational and highly enjoyable. This is, above all, to the credit of those who stood by me and(More)
Efficient self-regulation has been argued to consist of more than just setting goals and tenaciously pursuing them it also requires that people adapt their goals to changing circumstances. Although previous studies have already focused on interindividual differences in goal disengagement (one aspect of goal adaptation), so far, no study has looked at(More)
Polychronicity and multitasking have been described as being indispensible in work today because they enable people to use their time flexibly and effectively. We conducted a diary study among 93 employees during the mornings and evenings of 5 consecutive workdays (n = 418 observations). The study used hierarchical linear modeling with polychronicity and(More)
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