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UNLABELLED Despite the plethora of methods available for the functional analysis of omics data, obtaining comprehensive-yet detailed understanding of the results remains challenging. This is mainly due to the lack of publicly available tools for the visualization of this type of information. Here we present an R package called GOplot, based on ggplot2, for(More)
As time series experiments in higher eukaryotes usually obtain data from different individuals collected at the different time points, a time series sample itself is not equivalent to a true biological replicate but is, rather, a combination of several biological replicates. The analysis of expression data derived from a time series sample is therefore(More)
(1954). "Further observations on olfactory perception in migrating adult coho and spring salmon – properties of the repellent in mammalian skin. (2004). "Angling impact on conservation of Spanish stream-dwelling brown trout Salmo trutta." (1989). "Effects of afferent signals from the extraocular muscles upon units in the cerebellum, vestibular nuclear(More)
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