Wenchuan Zhao

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Papillary thyroid cancers often occur as microcarcinoma. Some papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC) have been considered to be high aggressive according to advanced disease stages, extrathyroidal extension, and severe cervical lymph node metastasis. Although several factors are thought to predict the occurrence of aggressiveness from PTMCs, the origin of(More)
Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is often clinically multifocal. In this study, the clinicopathological characteristics of a total of 347 PTC patients treated between 2006 and 2007 were investigated in order to assess the risk factors for tumor recurrence in patients with multifocal PTC. Of all the PTC cases reviewed, 35 (10%) were categorized as(More)
We report an adaptive interferometric null testing method for overcoming the dynamic range limitations of conventional null testing approaches during unknown freeform optics metrology or optics manufacturing processes that require not-yet-completed surface measurements to guide the next fabrication process. In the presented adaptive method, a deformable(More)
A phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode (PhOLED) with a nanometer-thick (approximately 10 nm) Ni silicide/ polycrystalline p-Si composite anode is reported. The structure of the PhOLED is Al mirror/ glass substrate / Si isolation layer / Ni silicide / polycrystalline p-Si/ V(2)O(5)/ NPB/ CBP: (ppy)(2)Ir(acac)/ Bphen/ Bphen: Cs(2)CO(3)/ Sm/ Au/ BCP. In(More)
Dynamic metrology holds the key to overcoming several challenging limitations of conventional optical metrology, especially with regards to precision freeform optical elements. We present two dynamic metrology systems: 1) adaptive interferometric null testing; and 2) instantaneous phase shifting deflectometry, along with an overview of a gradient data(More)
This paper presents a simple method for flat mirror tilt and piston measurement. The method only needs an LCD screen and a CCD camera. LCD screen displays structured light pattern, and camera takes the pattern's virtual image (VI) reflected by the mirror. Pose relationship between camera coordinate system and VI coordinate system can be calculated by camera(More)
We present an explicit convergent iterative solution for the lowest energy state of the Schroedinger equation with a generalized double well potential V = g 2 2 (x − 1)(x + a). The condition for the convergence of the iteration procedure and the dependence of the shape of the groundstate wave function on the parameter a are discussed. PACS: 11.10.Ef,(More)
We present a new convergent iterative solution for the two lowest quantum wave functions ψev and ψod of the Hamiltonian with a quartic double well potential V in one dimension. By starting from a trial function, which is by itself the exact lowest even or odd eigenstate of a different Hamiltonian with a modified potential V + δV , we construct the Green’s(More)
This paper presents a simultaneous multi-segmented mirror orientation test system (SMOTS) using localized sheared images. A CMOS camera captures images of reflected 2D sinusoidal patterns from the test mirrors as their orientation changes. Surface orientation is measured to within 0.8 µrad (0.16 arcseconds) for a flat mirror. In addition, we measure the(More)