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Permittivities of honeydew melons and watermelons, grown to provide a range of maturities, were measured with an open-ended coaxial-line probe and impedance analyzer at frequencies from 10 MHz to 1.8 GHz. Measurements on fresh apples were also made over a ten-week storage period. Data were taken on the external surfaces of the fruit and on tissue samples(More)
We use a metagenomic approach and network analysis to investigate the relationships between phenotypes across taxa under different environmental conditions. The network structure of taxa can be affected by the disease-associated environmental conditions. In addition, taxa abundance is differentiated under conditions. Therefore, knowing how the correlation(More)
Acknowledgements I would first like to thank my advisor, Professor Yong-cheng Qi. I am deeply indebted to him for his support and commitment, his enthusiastic guidance, his insight throughout the writing process. Furthermore, I would like to thank him for supporting me as research assistant for this project in the second year. In addition, I would like to(More)
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