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Dielectric properties of external surface, internal tissue and juice of Fuji apples during the last two months of tree-ripening were measured with an open-ended coaxial-line probe and a network analyzer at 24 C from 10 to 4500 MHz. The firmness, soluble solids content (SSC), pH, moisture content and electrical conductivity were also measured to determine(More)
Permittivities of honeydew melons and watermelons, grown to provide a range of maturities, were measured with an open-ended coaxial-line probe and impedance analyzer at frequencies from 10 MHz to 1.8 GHz. Measurements on fresh apples were also made over a ten-week storage period. Data were taken on the external surfaces of the fruit and on tissue samples(More)
To investigate the feasibility of dielectric spectroscopy as a nondestructive technique in determining soluble solids content (SSC) and firmness of pears during ripening period, the dielectric constants and dielectric loss factors of 105 ‘‘Dangshansu” pears with different maturities were obtained at 201 discrete frequencies from 20 MHz to 4500 MHz with an(More)
We use a metagenomic approach and network analysis to investigate the relationships between phenotypes across taxa under different environmental conditions. The network structure of taxa can be affected by the disease-associated environmental conditions. In addition, taxa abundance is differentiated under conditions. Therefore, knowing how the correlation(More)
Permittivities from 10 to 4500 MHz at 24◦C were measured on pulp and juice of watermelons of different maturities with an open-ended coaxial-line probe and network analyzer. The dielectric constant of both materials decreased monotonically with increasing frequency and loss factor had a minimum at about 1000 MHz. Moreover, the pulp and juice had very(More)
To develop advanced drying methods using radio-frequency (RF) or microwave (MW) energy, dielectric properties of potato starch were determined using an open-ended coaxial-line probe and network analyzer at frequencies between 20 and 4,500 MHz, moisture contents between 15.1% and 43.1% wet basis (w.b.), and temperatures between 25 and 75 °C. The results(More)
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