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A N-way dual-frequency power divider designed with genetic algorithm is proposed. The structure of power divider is composed of n two-section transmission line transformers and n isolation resisters. After even-odd mode analysis with ideal transmission-line model, the optimal parameters are obtained with genetic algorithm. In the genetic algorithm, elitist(More)
UNLABELLED Blogo is a web-based tool that detects and displays statistically significant position-specific sequence bias with reduced background noise. The over-represented and under-represented symbols in a particular position are shown above and below the zero line. When the sequences are in open reading frames, the background frequency of nucleotides(More)
Nitrogen-enriched mesoporous carbons with tunable nitrogen content and similar mesoporous structures have been prepared by a facile colloid silica nanocasting to house sulfur for lithium-sulfur batteries. The results give unequivocal proof that nitrogen doping could assist mesoporous carbon to suppress the shuttling phenomenon, possibly via an enhanced(More)
In the present paper, the dynamical differential equations with initial conditions is converted into the model of linear operator action, in which the linear operator is just the infinitesimal generator of the solver of the differential equations. And the resolvent of the linear operator is the Laplace transform of the solver of original differential(More)
The spectral-domain approach (SDA) is used to investigate the dispersion characteristics of microstrip lines on anisotropic substrate. The Green's function expression and the spectral integral expression are simplified with differential matrix operator technique and closed-form asymptotic extraction. The influence of tensor elements and different mutual(More)
A highly cellulolytic consortium was serially diluted and incubated in fermentation medium with filter paper as carbon sources. The critical dilution point of the consortium for effective degradation of filter paper was 10(-5) as further dilution resulted in the loss of degradation ability of filter paper accompanied by the disappearance of four bands in(More)
In this paper we propose a multiple layer model for object detection and sketch representation. Unlike most traditional detection models focusing on the object localization, we investigate both the object detection and sketch representation within an unified framework. Based on the multiple layer architecture, our model can provide the sketch information of(More)
The isolation, purification, and properties of a putative small heat shock protein (sHsp), named SsHSP14.1, from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus have been investigated. The sHsp was successfully expressed and purified from Escherichia coli. In vivo chaperone function of SsHSP14.1 for preventing aggregation of proteins during heating(More)