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We present a new method for modeling discrete constant mean curvature (CMC) surfaces, which arise frequently in nature and are highly demanded in architecture and other engineering applications. Our method is based on a novel use of the CVT (<i>centroidal Voronoi tessellation</i>) optimization framework. We devise a CVT-CMC energy function defined as a(More)
The body temperature is considered a universal cue by which the master clock synchronizes the peripheral clocks in mammals, but the mechanism is not fully understood. Here we identified two cold-induced RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), Cirbp and Rbm3, as important regulators for the temperature entrained circadian gene expression. The depletion of Cirbp or Rbm3(More)
Mosaics are widely used for surface decoration to produce appealing visual effects. We present a method for synthesizing digital surface mosaics with irregularly shaped tiles, which are a type of tiles often used for mosaics design. Our method employs both continuous optimization and combinatorial optimization to improve tile arrangement. In the continuous(More)
Handing unbalanced data and noise are two important issues in the field of machine learning. This paper proposed a complete framework of fuzzy relevance vector machine by weighting the punishment terms of error in Bayesian inference process of relevance vector machine (RVM). Above problems can be learned within this framework with different kinds of fuzzy(More)
Alternative polyadenylation (APA) is a post-transcriptional mechanism to generate diverse mRNA transcripts with different 3'UTRs from the same gene. In this study, we systematically searched for the APA events with differential expression in public mouse microarray data. Hundreds of genes with over-represented differential APA events and the corresponding(More)
We report all-optical implementation of the optimization algorithm for the famous "ant colony" problem. Ant colonies progressively optimize pathway to food discovered by one of the ants through identifying the discovered route with volatile chemicals (pheromones) secreted on the way back from the food deposit. Mathematically this is an important example of(More)
Objective. Adropin is a newly identified regulatory protein encoded by the Enho gene and is critically involved in energy homeostasis and insulin sensitivity. This study aims to determine the correlation of serum adropin concentrations with diabetic nephropathy (DN). Methods. This study consisted of 245 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and 81(More)
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