Wenceslas Godard

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This paper describes a new static analysis to show the absence of memory errors, especially string buffer overflows in C programs. The analysis is specifically designed for the subset of C that is found in critical embedded software. It is based on the theory of abstract interpretation and relies on an abstraction of stores that retains the length of string(More)
41 patients with pemphigoid entered a multicentre randomised study of the efficacy of plasma exchange. All patients received 0.3 mg/kg daily oral prednisolone, increased weekly if the disease remained active. 24 patients received plasma exchanges in addition (eight large-volume exchanges over 4 weeks), and 17 had prednisolone only. 4 patients, 2 in each(More)
In [10] we proposed a static timing analysis for IMA applications on multi-core platforms. It produces safe bounds on tasks response times including memory interference delays and for which the number of state space to be explored does not explode. We also proposed a methodology for the automation of the software/hardware allocation which embeds the(More)
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