Wenceslao González Manteiga

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Abstract: Consider a random vector (X, Y ) and let m(x) = E(Y |X = x). We are interested in testing H0 : m ∈ MΘ,G = {γ(·, θ, g) : θ ∈ Θ, g ∈ G} for some known function γ, some compact set Θ ⊂ IR and some function set G of real valued functions. Specific examples of this general hypothesis include testing for a parametric regression model, a generalized(More)
To correct for the effect of reporting delay on incidence data relating to AIDS, three methods of estimation have been analysed: Poisson log-linear; log-linear logistic mixed regression (log-logit), and truncation. The first two methods transform the data in a contingency table. The difference between them is the hypothesis of delay stationarity, which is(More)
In this paper, we present an adaptation of the air pollution control help system in the neighborhood of a power plant in As Pontes (A Coruña, Spain), property of Endesa Generación S.A., to the European Council Directive 1999/30/CE. This system contains a statistic prediction made half an hour before the measurement, and it helps the staff in the power plant(More)
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