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This paper addresses the problem of task allocation in real-time distributed systems with the goal of maximizing the system reliability, it has been shown to be NP-hard. Many studies have been made to solve this problem without considering the real-time constraint. We first take account of the deadline constraint in order to formulate this problem, and then(More)
Conjugated polymers have been increasingly studied for photothermal therapy (PTT) because of their merits including large absorption coefficient, facile tuning of exciton energy dissipation through nonradiative decay, and good therapeutic efficacy. The high photothermal conversion efficiency (PCE) is the key to realize efficient PTT. Herein, a(More)
The 2011 Mw 9.1 Tohoku-Oki earthquake had unusually large slip (over 50 m) concentrated in a relatively small region, with local stress drop inferred to be 5–10 times larger than that found for typical megathrust earthquakes. Here we conduct a detailed analysis of foreshocks and aftershocks (Mw 5.5–7.5) sampling this megathrust zone for possible clues(More)
We report a facile encapsulation approach to realize bright far red/near-infrared (FR/NIR) fluorescence and efficient singlet oxygen ((1)O2) production of organic fluorogens with aggregation-induced emission (AIEgen) and intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) characteristics for image-guided photodynamic cancer cell ablation. The synthesized AIEgen BTPEAQ(More)
With the aim to develop new tetraphenylethylene (TPE)-based conjugated hyperbranched polymer, TPE units, one famous aggregation-induced emission (AIE) active group, are utilized to construct hyperbranched polymers with three other aromatic blocks, through an "A2+B4" approach by using one-pot Suzuki polycondensation reaction. These three hyperbranched(More)
Through the combination of the divergent and convergent approaches, coupled with the utilization of the powerful Sharpless "click-chemistry" reaction, two series of sulfonyl-based high-generation NLO dendrimers were conveniently prepared with high purity and in satisfactory yields. Thanks to the perfect three-dimensional (3D) spatial isolation from the(More)
By the combination of divergent and convergent approach, a new series of NLO dendrimers (G1-PFPh-NS-GL to G3-PFPh-NS-GL) was conveniently prepared with satisfied yields through the powerful "click chemistry" reaction, in which perfluoroaromatic rings were introduced in the periphery, two types of chromophores were arranged with regular AB structure, and(More)