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In this paper, we present Twitris, a semantic Web application that facilitates browsing for news and information, using social perceptions as the fulcrum. In doing so we address challenges in large scale crawling, processing of real time information, and preserving spatio-temporal-thematic properties central to observations pertaining to real-time events.(More)
This paper presents our solution for the i2b2 sentiment classification challenge. Our hybrid system consists of machine learning and rule-based classifiers. For the machine learning classifier, we investigate a variety of lexical, syntactic and knowledge-based features, and show how much these features contribute to the performance of the classifier through(More)
Glossary Citizen sensing: Humans as citizens on the ubiquitous Web, acting as sensors and sharing their observations and views using mobile devices and Web 2.0 Services. Social media analytics: Social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from social media websites and analyzing that data to gain new insights from social media and to make(More)
The CRISPR-Cas9 system has recently been widely adopted in genome editing due to its simplicity [1-3]. Nuclease-deficient mutant dCas9 protein can be fused to effector domains and the fusion proteins can be guided by sgRNAs to genomic sites to regulate gene expression or label chromosomes [4-10]. However, only one type of effector is applied in most(More)
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