Wenbo Wang

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In differentiated human cells, primary cilia fulfill essential functions in converting mechanical or chemical stimuli into intracellular signals. Formation and maintenance of cilia require multiple functions associated with the centriole-derived basal body, from which axonemal microtubules grow and which assembles a gate to maintain the specific ciliary(More)
Ciliogenesis initiates at the mother centriole through a series of events that include membrane docking, displacement of cilia-inhibitory proteins and axoneme elongation. Centriolar proteins, in particular at distal and subdistal appendages, carry out these functions. Recently, cytoplasmic complexes named centriolar satellites have also been shown to(More)
In this study, we isolated and purified one homogeneous polysaccharide (TRP) from the fruiting bodies of Trametes robiniophila Murrill, and its average molecular weight was estimated to be 8.7 × 104 Da. Monosaccharide composition analysis by gas chromatography (GC) indicated that TRP was composed of glucose, galactose, and arabinose in the molar ratio of(More)
— Based on the statistical property of SAR image speckle noise and the property that the multiscale geometric analysis can capture the intrinsic geometrical structure of image, combining curvelet transform with BivaShrink denoising model, a method of SAR image denoising based on curvelet domain is presented in this paper. According to calculation of(More)
It has been widely accepted that hepatocytes are critical for liver regeneration (LR), but very little is known about the role of biliary epithelial cells (BECs) in this event, so this study aims to manifest the relevance of BECs with LR. High purity population of BECs was obtained using Percoll gradient centrifugation combined with immunomagnetic-bead(More)
To simplify imaging focusing and calibration tasks, a laser-scanning microscope needs to scan ata moderate frame rate. The inertia of a galvanometric scanner leads to time delays when following external commands, which subsequently introduces image distortions that deteriorate as scan frequency increases. Sinusoidal and triangular waveforms were examined as(More)
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