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Inappropriate tweets can cause severe damages on authors' reputation or privacy. However, many users do not realize the negative consequences until they publish these tweets. Published tweets have lasting effects that may not be eliminated by simple deletion because other users may have read them or third-party tweet analysis platforms have cached them.(More)
Parallel coordinate is a popular tool for visualizing high-dimensional data and analyzing multivariate data. With the rapid growth of data size and complexity, data clutter in parallel coordinates is a major issue for Big Data visualization. This has given rise to three problems, (1) how to rearrange the parallel axes without the loss of data patterns, (2)(More)
The recent developments of technologies in Internet of Things (IoT) provide the opportunities for smart manufacturing with real-time traceability, visibility, and interoperability in production planning, execution, and control. To fulfill this target, this work presents a real-time production performance analysis and exception diagnosis model (PAEDM). By(More)
Recently, the application of Ant Colony Optimization is much wider and it is always the highlight of key algorithm. There are also many improvements about the ACO algorithm, such as: the improvements of algorithm in self-adaptive, the improvements of increasing the diversity of various group, the improvements of enhancing local search, combining with the(More)
Feature analysis is always beneficial to the detection of anonymous criminals in digital forensics, including people and activities, where vast amount of features extracted from databases are involved. Not all features extracted are continuous or different, some of them are discrete or have the same value with others. We discovered that using visual(More)
To meet the increasing demand for passengers in high- speed train (HST) system, it is critical to develop the understanding of properties in HST propagation environment. This paper derives a new channel model for HST by conducting a measurement campaign in a commercial HST network at 1.905 GHz in China from Beijing to Tianjin. A median average filtering(More)