Wenbin Xu

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Simulating crowds in complex environment is fascinating and challenging, however, modeling of the environment is always neglected in the past, which is one of the essential problems in crowd simulation especially for multilayered complex environment. This paper presents a semantic model for representing the complex environment, where the semantic(More)
Visualization of large-scale virtual crowds is ubiquitous in many applications of computer graphics. For reasons of efficiency in modeling, animating and rendering, it is difficult to populate scenes with a large number of individually animated virtual characters in real-time applications. In this paper, we present an effective and readily usable solution(More)
This paper presents a hybrid approach based on the continuum model proposed by Treuille et al.[5]. Compared to the original method, our solution is well suited for complex environment. We first present an environment structure and a corresponding discretization scheme that help us to organize and simulate crowds in large-scale scenarios. Second, additional(More)
A gradient permittivity meta-structure (GPMS) model and its application in super-resolution imaging were proposed and discussed in this work. The proposed GPMS consists of alternate metallic and dielectric films with a gradient permittivity which can support surface plasmons (SPs) standing wave interference patterns with a super resolution. By employing the(More)
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