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Submarine eruptions that lead to the formation of new volcanic islands are rare and far from being fully understood; only a few such eruptions have been witnessed since Surtsey Island emerged to the south of Iceland in the 1960s. Here we report on two new volcanic islands that were formed in the Zubair archipelago of the southern Red Sea in 2011-2013. Using(More)
Our lab has previously reported on novel board-level readout electronics for an 8×8 silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) array featuring row/column summation technique to reduce the hardware requirements for signal processing. We are taking the next step by implementing a monolithic CMOS chip which is based on the row-column architecture. In addition, this paper(More)
Simulating crowds in complex environment is fascinating and challenging, however, modeling of the environment is always neglected in the past, which is one of the essential problems in crowd simulation especially for multilayered complex environment. This paper presents a semantic model for representing the complex environment, where the semantic(More)
BACKGROUND The current asthma guidelines encourage use of a diary for assessing and monitoring symptoms and airway function. However, patient compliance and acceptability are usually poor owing to the burden of frequent and prolonged assessment. OBJECTIVE We investigated whether better patient compliance could be ensured if a study was more relevant to(More)
Spectroscopic properties of bismuth doped borate, silicate and phosphate glasses have been reinvestigated in this work. It shows the typical decay time of Bi(3+) is around 500ns rather than 2.7-to-3.9 μs reported by Parke and Webb at room temperature. Introduction of higher content either alkali or alkali earth into borate glasses favors the Bi(3+)(More)
Visualization of large-scale virtual crowds is ubiquitous in many applications of computer graphics. For reasons of efficiency in modeling, animating and rendering, it is difficult to populate scenes with a large number of individually animated virtual characters in real-time applications. In this paper, we present an effective and readily usable solution(More)
Extension deficit builds up over centuries at divergent plate boundaries and is recurrently removed during rifting events, accompanied by magma intrusions and transient metre-scale deformation. However, information on transient near-field deformation has rarely been captured, hindering progress in understanding rifting mechanisms and evolution. Here we show(More)
The ideal habitat use of waterbirds can be considered to be fixed, but current habitat use depends on environmental conditions, especially those of food characteristics, considered crucial to their use of habitats. Understanding how waterbirds respond to variation in food availability at degraded wetland sites and change their habitat use patterns over(More)
Mitochondrial DNA plays an important role in living organisms, and has been used as a powerful molecular marker in a variety of evolutionary studies. In this study, we determined the complete mtDNA of Bean goose (Anser fabalis), which is 16,688 bp long and contains 13 protein-coding genes, 2 rRNAs, 22 tRNAs and a control region. The arrangement is similar(More)