Wenbin Wu

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Google Earth (GE) releases free images in high spatial resolution that may provide some potential for regional land use/cover mapping, especially for those regions with high heterogeneous landscapes. In order to test such practicability, the GE imagery was selected for a case study in Wuhan City to perform an object-based land use/cover classification. The(More)
BACKGROUND Esophageal cancer is recognized as one of the most refractory pernicious diseases. In addition, it is an aggressive malignancy with a propensity for local progression and distant dissemination. Because of the poor long-term prognosis for patients with esophageal cancer, increasing attention has focused on the integration of targeted agents into(More)
—We study the problem of identifying additive and static link metrics of a set of interesting links in a communication network, by using end-to-end cycle-free path measurements among selected monitors. To uniquely identify the metrics of these interesting links, three questions should be addressed: monitor assignment (which nodes should serve as monitors),(More)
Inferring per-link metrics through aggregated path measurements, known as <i>network tomography</i>, is an effective way to facilitate various network operations, such as network monitoring, load balancing, and fault diagnosis. We study the problem of identifying additive link metrics of a set of <i>interesting links</i> from end-to-end cycle-free path(More)
Recent wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are becoming increasingly complex with the growing network scale and the dynamic nature of wireless communications. Many measurement and diagnostic approaches depend on per-packet routing paths for accurate and fine-grained analysis of the complex network behaviors. In this paper, we propose iPath, a novel path(More)
In recent decades, plastic-mulched farmland has expanded rapidly in China as well as in the rest of the world because it results in marked increases of crop production. However, plastic-mulched farmland significantly influences the environment and has so far been inadequately investigated. Accurately monitoring and mapping plastic-mulched farmland is(More)