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We present a linear numerical scheme for a model of epitaxial thin film growth without slope selection. The PDE, which is a nonlinear, fourth-order parabolic equation, is the L 2 gradient flow of the energy (− 1 2 ln(1 + |∇φ| 2) + 2 2 |φ(x)| 2) dx. The idea of convex-concave decomposition of the energy functional is applied, which results in a numerical(More)
In this paper, we propose an approach for 2D discrete vector field segmentation based on the Green function and normalized cut. The method is inspired by discrete Hodge Decomposition such that a discrete vector field can be broken down into three simpler components, namely, curl-free, divergence-free, and harmonic components. We show that the Green Function(More)
Supervised local tangent space alignment (SLTSA) is an extension of local tangent space alignment (LTSA) to supervised feature extraction. Two al-gorithmic improvements are made upon LTSA for classification. First a simple technique is proposed to map new data to the embedded low-dimensional space and make LTSA suitable in a changing, dynamic environment.(More)
Video Stabilization is one of those important video processing techniques to remove the unwanted camera vibration in a video sequence. In this paper, we present a practical method to remove the annoying shaky motion and reconstruct a stabilized video sequence with good visual quality. Here, the scale invariant(SIFT) features, proved to be invariant to image(More)
We propose a new parallel Robin-Robin domain decomposition method for the coupled Stokes-Darcy system with Beavers-Joseph-Saffman-Jones interface boundary condition. In particular , we prove that, with an appropriate choice of parameters, the scheme converges geometrically independent of the mesh size. 1. Introduction. The Darcy equations are a well(More)