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According to actual needs, generalized signcryption scheme can flexibly work as an encryption scheme, a signature scheme or a signcryption scheme. In this paper, firstly, we give a security model for identity based generalized signcryption which is more complete than existing model. Secondly, we propose an identity based generalized signcryption scheme.(More)
Generalized Signcryption is a fresh cryptographic primitive that not only can obtain encryption and signature in a single operation, but also provives encryption or signature alone when needed. This paper gives a formal definition of certificateless generalized signcryption and its security model is present. A concrete certificateless generalized(More)
In this paper, we investigate the Hansen-Mullen conjecture with the help of some formal series similar to the Artin-Hasse exponential series over p-adic number fields and the estimates of character sums over Galois rings. Given n we prove, for large enough q, the Hansen-Mullen conjecture that there exists a primitive polynomial f(x) = xn − a1xn−1 + · · ·+(More)
Currently, ID-based PKC has attracted much attention and got manyachievements. Proxy signature allows an original signer to delegatehis private key to a proxy signer to sign some message on behalf ofthe original signer. We present a ID-based proxy signature in thispaper. The scheme is relatively efficient as there is no pairingcomputation during the(More)
Based on the ideas: “invertible cycle”, “tame transformation” and “special oil and vinegar”, three different nonlinear invertible transformations were constructed separately. Then making use of the idea of the extended multivariate public key cryptosystem, and combining the nonlinear invertible transformations above with Matsumoto-Imai (MI) scheme, three(More)