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At excitatory synapses, decreases in cleft [Ca] arising from activity-dependent transmembrane Ca flux reduce the probability of subsequent transmitter release. Intense neural activity, induced by physiological and pathological stimuli, disturb the external microenvironment reducing extracellular [Ca] ([Ca](o)) and thus may impair neurotransmission.(More)
The molecular machinery underlying action potential-evoked, synchronous neurotransmitter release, has been intensely studied. It was presumed that two other forms of exocytosis, delayed (asynchronous) and spontaneous transmission, were mediated by the same voltage-activated Ca(2+) channels (VACCs), intracellular Ca(2+) sensors and vesicle pools. However, a(More)
Administration of aminoglycoside antibiotics can precipitate sudden, profound bouts of weakness that have been attributed to block of presynaptic voltage-activated calcium channels (VACCs) and failure of neuromuscular transmission. This serious adverse drug reaction is more likely in neuromuscular diseases such as myasthenia gravis. The relatively low(More)
BACKGROUND Nerve terminal invasion by an axonal spike activates voltage-gated channels, triggering calcium entry, vesicle fusion, and release of neurotransmitter. Ion channels activated at the terminal shape the presynaptic spike and so regulate the magnitude and duration of calcium entry. Consequently characterization of the functional properties of ion(More)
Voltage-activated Ca2+ channels (VACCs) mediate Ca2+ influx to trigger action potential–evoked neurotransmitter release, but the mechanism by which Ca2+ regulates spontaneous transmission is unclear. We found that VACCs are the major physiological triggers for spontaneous release at mouse neocortical inhibitory synapses. Moreover, despite the absence of a(More)
The endogenous polyamines spermine, spermidine and putrescine are present at high concentrations inside neurons and can be released into the extracellular space where they have been shown to modulate ion channels. Here, we have examined polyamine modulation of voltage-activated Ca(2+) channels (VACCs) and voltage-activated Na(+) channels (VANCs) in rat(More)
Jinan City flood prevention and warning decision support system based on SQL Server and GIS is to make use of real-time rainfall information, real-time hydrological information, engineering information, danger situations, disaster information as well as the rainfall-runoff model in model database based on SQL Server to simulate the road flood situation,(More)
Biogas slurry has become a serious pollution problem and anaerobic digestion is widely applied to pig manure treatment for environmental protection and energy recovery. To evaluate environmental risk of the emission of biogas slurry, luminescent bacteria (Vibrio fischeri), larvae and embryos of zebrafish (Danio rerio) were used to detect the acute and(More)
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