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and Applied Analysis 3 Besides, if for any x, y ∈ M, there exists z ∈ M which is comparable to x and y, 2.4 then f has a unique fixed point. Proof. We first show that f has a fixed point. Since x0 f x0 and f is an increasing function, we obtain by induction that x0 f x0 f2 x0 f3 x0 · · · f x0 · · · . 2.5 Put xn 1 f x0 , n 1, 2, . . . For each integer n ≥ 1,(More)
Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) performance is limited by motion errors of the towfish. It is necessary to require the towfish moving in a straight line in order to improve the imaging efficiency by Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT). However, the towfish could hardly move along a straight line because of some factors such as ocean wave, ocean current and(More)
An image degradation process is considered as equivalent to a linear transformation of original image matrix processed by transfer function and noise, while the image restoration process is equivalent to trying to get the original image using the least squares method. When the transfer function is separable, the problem is transformed into finding the(More)
The problem of thrombus and hemolysis in blood pump has always been an important topic to study in the development of the blood pump. Numbers of research results show that it is the complicated flow and the high shear stress of the mechanical movement that result in the thrombus and hemolysis. In this study, with the cooperation of Shanghai Children's(More)
In order to solve problems of SOA service modeling, we proposed a method of SOA service modeling based on turing machine, and apply SCA and SDO to implement. Firstly, according to characteristic of SOA, to define some terms of turing machine and build publish/subscribe mechanism of SOA service modeling. Which apply ontology to describe service recognition(More)
The problem of noise in ventilator has always been an important topic to study in the development of the ventilator. A great number of data are showing that there are still large gaps of research and application levels in noise control of the ventilator between China and some more advanced foreign countries. In this study, with cooperation of the Shanghai(More)
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