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  • Burgering, B M T Bos, +27 authors R J Gbg
  • 1997
in vitro and in vivo association assays. The GST–cytoplasmic region of EGFR fusion proteins (amino acids 930–1,220, which do not include Lys 721, a key residue in the ATP-binding site) were generated as described 28. The in vitro Jak2 assay was done as before 2 , with minimal modification. Proteins immobilized on anti-Jak2 antibody were mixed with 95 ␮l of(More)
  • Engelbrecht, M Dagotto, E Pseudogap, Wen, X G Lee
  • 1998
gapless arcs that we observe are simply an intermediate state in the smooth evolution of d-wave nodes into a full Fermi surface. This smooth evolution was carefully checked on an 83 K underdoped sample where a detailed sweep was done in k space at T ¼ 90 K, revealing only a small Fermi arc just above T c. This behaviour is fully consistent with the gap(More)
Phylogenetic reconstruction help us better understand evolutionary relationship through the analyses of DNA sequences. In this paper, as an example of 8 mitochondrial DNA sequences, by means of a 3D graphical representation and the graph radius of the four characteristic curves to construct the similarity matrix, we proposed a vertical and horizontal method(More)
In this paper, an automatic histogram threshold approach based on a fuzzy measure is presented. This work is an improvement of an existing method. Using fuzzy logic concepts, the problems involved in finding the minimum/maximum of a entropy criterion function are avoided. Hamid R Tizhoosh defined a membership function to measure the image fuzziness, which(More)
Singapore is one of the most rapidly ageing countries in the world with the proportion of those aged 65 and above projected to more than double from 8% in 2005 to 20% in 2030. This is due to a rapidly declining total fertility rate coupled with an increasing life expectancy as Singapore develops. While population ageing is not a trend unique to Singapore,(More)
  • Ever J Barbero, Ed W Wen, Reference Barbero, Wen
  • 2008
Coefficient ofthennal expansion (CTE) mismatch between metal and composite is a major barrier for use of composites in applications that require a metal liner. The situation is critical for cryogenic applications because of the large temperature excursion to which the pipe is'subjected. The paper demonstrates that CTE mismatch can be offset through the use(More)
Web site mining, which aims at automatically discovering and classifying topic-specific web sites from the World Wide Web, has attracted increasing attention as indicated by the exponential growth of both the amount and the diversity of the web information. This paper describes a novel multiscale approach for web site mining, which represents a web site as(More)
  • Tchnology Resumen, Cláudia Prado, +20 authors São Paulo São Paulo
  • 2013
The NaƟ onal Telehealth Program was founded by the Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Ministry of EducaƟ on (Ministério da Educação – MEC) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia – MCT), to support the development of family healthcare teams throughout the country. The São Paulo Telehealth Center has developed(More)