Wen-yu Li

Xiao-yan Xu2
Xing-yue Hu1
Bo-ning Yang1
2Xiao-yan Xu
1Xing-yue Hu
1Bo-ning Yang
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This study investigated whether bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (BMSC) transplantation protected ischemic cerebral injury by stimulating endogenous erythropoietin. The model of ischemic stroke was established in rats through transient middle cerebral artery occlusion. Twenty-four hours later, 1 × 10(6) human BMSCs (hBMSCs) were injected into the tail(More)
This study evaluated the prognostic value of thyroid-related hormones within normal ranges after acute ischemic stroke. This was a retrospective study and we reviewed 1072 ischemic stroke patients consecutively admitted within 72 h after symptom onset. Total triiodothyronine (T3), total thyroxine (T4), free T3, free T4, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of enriched environment and impoverished environment on the learning and memory ability of manganese-exposed mice and the mechanism. METHODS Forty female Kunming mice were randomly and equally divided into 4 group: control group (CG), standard environment and manganese exposure group (SEG), enriched environment and(More)
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