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BACKGROUND Oral Candida colonization and its relation with predisposing factors in HIV-infected patients have received wide concerns during recent decades. In this study, we investigated asymptomatic oral Candida carriage rate, species distribution and antifungal susceptibility of 604 HIV-infected patients and 851 healthy individuals in Kunming, Yunnan(More)
In order to successfully develop the effective population pharmacokinetic model to predict the concentration of propofol administrated intravenously, the data including the concentrations across both distribution and elimination phases from five hospitals were analyzed using nonlinear mixed effect model (NONMEM). Three-compartment pharmacokinetic model was(More)
OBJECTIVE A multicenter population pharmacokinetics study of propofol was performed to establish a new population model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three thousand two hundred and fifty-nine blood samples of 220 participants were measured by HPLC-UV or HPLC-FLU or GC-MS. Target-controlled infusion after single bolus or continuous infusion was applied for(More)
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