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Effects of NaCl stress on seed germination and seedling growth in wheat were studied in this paper. The results showed that the germination rate of the seeds treated with NaCl concentration at <100 mM, germination rate of the seeds was not significantly comparing with control, however the germination of those seeds treated with NaCl at higher(More)
Vitamin D3 has been reported to be an immunity modulator and high levels of vitamin D3 are correlated with a decreased risk for developing diseases in the central nervous system. Astrocytes are important immune cells and contribute toward inflammation during neurological diseases. The vitamin D receptor has been reported to be expressed in astrocytes;(More)
The study was designed for understanding the phylogenetic relationships among some species of Cladosporium and its allied genera Cercospora, Passalora, Ramularia, Pseudocercospora and Phaeoramularia based on 18S rDNA sequences. 11 strains of Cladosporium species were analyzed with 19 species of these allied genera obtained from GenBank. The phylogenetic(More)
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